Marek Łakomy was born in Poznań, and it was there where he graduated from Musical Academy in the following faculties: Musical Education in prof. Stanisław Kulczyński's lass, and Composition, Conductoring and Music Theory in the master class of prof. Stefan Stuligrosz. He also completed postgraduate studies from culture managing in Szkoła Główna Handlowa in Warsaw. 

In 1976 he founded the Kalisz Boys' Choir, and until 1987 he was its artistic manager and conductor. In 1987 he took charge of the men's choir "Echo" in the Kalisz Basilica of st. Joseph. In 1993, together with the then curator of st. Joseph Sanctuary, prelate Lucjan Andrzejczak, he organized a boys' group "Schola Vocalis". After joining these groups in 1997, he founded Boys' and Men's Choir of the Kalisz Basilica.

These days he cooperates with artistic organizations in Kalisz (Kalisz Philharmonic Society, W. Bogusławski Theatre, Culture and Art Cenre), and he is engaged in educational activity among children and youth.