The Singing Society "ECHO" in Kalisz

The choir started their activity in the eightieth years of the XIX century at the church ( contemporary The Assumption's of Blessed Virgin Collegiate Church and St Joseph's Basilica). The choir was set up by priest Hordiewicz. The first press information about the few years of activity of the choir singing during the Masses comes from the year 1891. At the beginning of the XX century the choir started to cooperate with another Kalisz singing societies. In the year 1912 the choir moved their seat to The St. Joseph's Christian Craftsman Society and connected with the St. Cecily's Choir from the Church of St. Nicolas (contemporary Kalisz Cathedral).

In 1926 Mr Franciszek Uziębło became the conductor of the choir. He was the organist and the teacher of music in the Kalisz Music School. Thanks to Mr F.Uziębło the choir came back to The Assumption's of Blessed Virgin Church and in 1929 the Society of Singers "ECHO" at Kalisz Collegiate Church was formal registered in the provincial office in Łódź.

Because of misunderstanding the choir moved their seat from the parish building to The Christian Craftsman Society, and next year The Singing Society was registered once again as "ECHO" in Kalisz.

After World War II singers from the all Kalisz choirs created representative St. Cecily's Choir "Echo" of Kalisz town. The rehearsals of the choir took place in the hall of the Culture and Art Department of Administrative District and was conducted by the conductor Mr Czesław Matuszewski and The Chairman of the choir Mr Paweł Kołowrocki. In July of the year 1947 the choir was divided into two different societes. The "Echo" choir stayed at St. Joseph's Church and continued their activity according with the statute from 1929. In the same year the new flag was founded and it was consecrated by prelate Mieczysław Janowski -the priest of The Assumption's of Blessed Virgin Parish.

In the year 1992 The Singing Society celebrated 100 years of their activity. From the year 1987 the artistic manager of the choir is Mr Marek Łakomy. In this year The Patron of The Singing Society the priest prelate Lucjan Andrzejczk suggested bringing a boy choir " Schola Vocalis" into being and connecting the new choir with the man voices from The Choir "Echo" in the future . The first concert of the new boy choir took place at St. Joseph's Basilica in October 24 th of the year 1993. Consequently working out a new common repertoire for man and boy choirs resulted in the year 1997 to bringing a next new The Boys' and Men's Choir of the Kalisz Basilica into being. In May 15 th of this year third time The Singing Society "ECHO" in Kalisz was registered by the District Court in Kalisz and The Society was written in the register of societies and unions. In this way the artistic and financial functions were divided. The new Chairman of the Society was chosen Mr Kazimierz Pasternak . Now, The Chairman of The Society is Mrs Helena Radziłowicz.

The aim of The Society is, among other things, supporting and activity in favor of the development of the music and church singing, care and development of singing traditions and raising the level and making more splendid of the St. Joseph's and St. Family's cult .

The Society execute your aims through :

  • leading The Boys' and Men's Choir of the Kalisz Basilica,
  • arranging:
    • The Choir Meetings in Wielkopolska "Carmen Sacrum Festival" (from the 1993 - XVIII editions),
    • The Polish Composer Contests "Vox Basilicae Calissiensis" (1996, 1999, 2004, 2010),
    • The Polish Poetic Contests "Redemptoris Custos (1997, 2000, 2009),

The Society is also the publisher of:

  • "Pieśnią i sercem" - songs to St. Joseph for a mix choir and for a man choir a cappella (1994),
  • "Kolędować Małemu" - Polish carols (1995),
  • "W oczekiwaniu" - songs for mix choir a cappella (1996),
  • "Vox Basilicae Calissiensis" - the pieces awarded and distincted in Polish Composer Contests (1997, 2000, 2005, 2011),
  • "Redemptoris Custos" - the aftermath of poetic contests (1998, 2001, 2010).

Through the arranging the concerts for The Boys' and Men's Choir of the Kalisz Basilica the society promotes the culture of the own country, district and town in Poland and also abroad.